Sell your designs on La Bazaro:

Have you made designs you know could sell on a T-shirt, hoodie, shopping bag, coffee mug, wall poster, or more? You could make income from them with your own collection on La Bazaro market.

Send us a message with your name, contact number and up to 10 images of your designs - and we will reply to you within 1 week. If your designs are approved, you could earn profits from each sale made - at no cost to you. Keep in mind we have two main objectives:

Our first objective is to offer high-quality Esperantaĵoj, in order to help spread Esperanto. We carefully maintain a high quality of products, therefore some designs may be approved, while the majority may not be. It would be self-defeating to fill the market up with awful designs, so we have high standards for acceptance. At the same time, the creators we do accept to our collective market become like family:

  • All designs and art must be your original work (or you must own the copyright); we cannot sell designs copyrighted elsewhere. Copyright can be tricky, especially internationally, and sellers are often surprised at what is copyrighted.
  • You retain full ownership and control of your art and designs; we will not sell your art or designs without your permission. We will never license your art to anyone or sell the images for reproduction elsewhere. You can modify or take down your designs at any time. You can sell your work elsewhere as you please.
  • You approve what products your work is printed on; because we aim to only offer high-quality merchandise we won't always choose the lowest-priced items to print on (we will consult with you).

Our second objective is to help Esperantists prosper via Esperanto. We use a "print on demand" model which requires no investment (or financial risk) by EO-designers, artists and creators, since goods are produced and shipped only when they are ordered.

  • We levy a low fee of only 1 euro per item sold in order to pass on as much of the sale profits as possible to you. After this 1 euro fee and production costs, shipping, taxes and any other costs (eg. customs border tariffs) you will keep all proceeds.
  • We provide you an accounting of all sales when you get paid out for your sales periodically (annually, biannually or quarterly, depending on your sales volume) to a bank account you specify. 

There are advantages to all of us selling co-operatively:

  • together we can pass on volume shipping discounts to our customers,
  • we incur development and maintenance costs for only one site instead of many, 
  • we share a single payment processing app and account rather than each of us paying for separate accounts, 
  • we can pool more EO-items together in one location instead of spread all over the internet and harder to find,
  • we can share training and best techniques for successful designs and promotion,
  • we don't each have to become e-commerce experts, so we can focus on making cool designs instead of each of us learning how to set up and run our own international e-commerce stores.

We want to see Esperantists prosper and Esperanto succeed, therefore our motives are not always completely commercial. We can help build your products and your brand, up to letting you launch your own store independently, if this is your aim.

If you are interested, send an email message in the International Language to with:

  • the title: 'Kandidatiĝpeto por vendi'
  • your full name
  • your phone number
  • your country
  • up to 10 pictures of your designs that you want to sell
  • which products you want to see your designs on
  • any questions or comments.

By sending us an email message entitled "Kandidatiĝpeto por vendi" you agree to the Terms of Service and to the sale of your works on La Bazaro. You may terminate this permission at any time by sending an e-mail in the International Language to the same address entitled "Retiro de permeso por vendi" and listing all the works to which this applies; you can equally close your account at La Bazaro and withdraw all your works.

We will reply to your request within one week.



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