The community Esperanto-marketplace:

La Bazaro is a non-profit online market for high quality Esperanto merchandise - and a place for Esperantists to make income from their own creations. Ethiclly and sustainably, we sell 'mojosa esperantaĵoj' across the world.

Our community marketplace was born from two needs:

First, it is hard to find good quality esperantaĵoj online at good prices... whether that is a T-shirt or any other EO-items that don't suck.

Second, there are too few opportunities to earn income in, and by, our favourite language, which has big consequences:

  • because trade and commerce has always been a part of human activity, it means Esperantujo is missing a major facet of human communities;
  • it means Esperanto is all too often considered merely a "hobby" instead of a serious and legitimate community;
  • it makes it harder for Esperantists to justify spending time on their passion, to themselves and others (or new people from learning Esperanto at all);
  • it weakens the long-term sustainability of Esperantujo itself, if there is no economy to sustain vital Esperanto projects and Esperantists.

 Yet the creativity of Esperantists and the Esperanto-community worldwide is incredible: there is no shortage of talented artists, designers, programmers, musicians, writers and many others creators. Per capita, there may be more cultural output in Esperanto than almost any other linguistic community on Earth.

La Bazaro is a community marketplace where Esperantists can sell their creations to other Esperantists. It is Esperanto-speakers buying from other Esperanto-speakers, starting a self-sustaining cycle of support. We are a new non-profit that takes only enough commission from each sale to pay for the costs of commerce - all proceeds go to the creators themselves. Long-term sustainability - both environmental and financial - is amongst our core values: .

We are starting with fun apparel, but are slowly adding other cool items over time. We hope you will shop at La Bazaro to support EO-creators - and get cool merch that helps show off your Esperanto colours in the process!


Sell on La Bazaro

Are you an Esperantist creator? Have you made designs you know Esperantists would like to buy? You don't need to become an E-commerce expert and pay to open a store yourself; we can help you sell online via La Bazaro, at no cost to you. 

We are always looking for artists, designers, and other creators to sell cool and exciting items. Our business model uses print on demand, meaning that it costs you nothing to offer your designs for sale worldwide on many products, via La Bazaro. When someone buys your product, your item is produced sustainably in the size and colour the customer wants, at the nearest production facility to the customer (reducing shipping costs, shipping time, GHG emissions, and customs duties at borders). It is then shipped directly to the customer. Creators get all the proceeds, minus any production costs, taxes, shipping & transaction fees, etc. La Bazaro takes only €1 euro per item sold to cover site hosting and listing expenses. Funds accumulate in your account and are released periodically (depending on your sales volume: annually, biannually, or quarterly) with a full statement of your sales for the period; your profits are sent to a bank account you specify.

Creators retain control over their creations. You are free to sell your items elsewhere, update your items, or take down your items from La Bazaro anytime you wish. We also work collaboratively on the price you want for each item. Your items will be featured in your own Collection and we can help you build brand recognition - even helping you launch your own webstore business eventually. Our aim is to see Esperantists succeed, and to build the economy of Esperantujo itself.

Producing via print on demand means there is no financial risk to Creators, no inventory to stockpile (or to lose money on if unsold), and there is much less waste. By pooling our offerings on La Bazaro, we can share overhead costs like web hosting, production costs, and promotion. Together we can take advantage of volume discounts on shipping. We all avoid the need to build, manage and pay for our own webstores - and the steep learning curve that comes with it. We also help Esperantists by providing a one-stop shop to find quality esperantaĵoj.

If interested in selling on La Bazaro, check out the Sell with La Bazaro page. You can always email if you have questions.


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