Need custom printing for your Esperanto club, group or project?

There is nothing like a great printed shirt or poster to build group cohesion and make your organization look professional. You can create camaraderie all while promoting Esperanto. We can put design experts to work for you to print a range of apparel, bags, posters and other promotional items. If you have an existing logo or design, we can work with you to get it printed... or to design one if you don't have one yet. You can place a bulk order from us, or simply direct your members to a link to buy the item individually, in the size that fits each of them. It's up to you.

Profit via La Bazaro

Your club or organization could profit from every sale, at no cost to you.

We extend the same offer to Esperanto organizations as we do to Esperanto creators: after production and other costs, profits from each item can be collected for your group. And we work with you to set the price: you can choose to forgo profits and make your items cheaper for your members, or set a higher price and raise money for your club or organization. You choose.

Contact us in the International Language if your Esperanto club or organization is interested:


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